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Since 1987, the Law Office of Frank J. Niesen, Jr. has helped injured workers in the greater St. Louis area of Missouri and Illinois access a full range of workers’ compensation benefits. Our four attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience managing cases arising from work-related injuries and industrial illnesses. If you have had a claim denied, been denied a second opinion, been denied treatment for an injury, been cleared for work before you’re healthy, or been given a low disability rating, we can provide the aggressive representation you need to achieve a positive result. We also provide reliable representation in negotiations for disability settlements to maximize the amount of your claim.

St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyers manage a variety of claims

For years, the Law Office of Frank J. Niesen, Jr. has represented employees in workers’ compensation claim disputes at all stages of the claim, including final appeals in state or federal court. We draw on our vast experience to fully understand the substantive issues of your case and meet all procedural requirements for a successful outcome.

We also have the specific knowledge necessary to effectively manage claims related to:

  • Repetitive stress injuries — Whether you work on a factory floor or at a desk in an office, performing repetitive tasks can wear you down physically, leading to chronic inflammation, muscle tightness, disc degeneration, and other symptoms of repetitive stress injury. Common injuries we see include edema, tendinosis and tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and De Quervain syndrome, “mouse arm,” “tennis elbow,” “golfer’s elbow,” and thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Construction site accidents — Construction sites are uniquely hazardous workplaces, so laws have evolved giving construction workers broader rights to recover for injuries than workers in other environments have. Under certain facts, workers injured in construction site accidents can sue third parties for negligence. A worker might also be able to sue an employer who violated state or federal safety standards at the site. Our firm explores all of your avenues for recovery to maximize the benefits and compensation you can obtain.
  • Industrial injuries — Workers in heavy industries face risks from accidents and illnesses. Common industrial injuries and illnesses include flame, electrical and chemical burns; overexertion; hearing loss due to constant noise; and asthma or COPD from caustic exposure. When defective machinery or power tools cause injury, the worker has a right to sue for personal injury compensation under a theory of products liability. Certain industrial diseases, such as mesothelioma, entitle the worker to personal injury compensation in addition to workers’ compensation.

In every case we undertake, the Law Office of Frank J. Niesen, Jr. provides personal attention and determined representation.

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